Meet the Insiders at LCCM

Are you looking for an occasion to meet expert musicians who will share insights on their successful career and useful advice on how to get there? Join us at The Venue, LCCM, on Tuesday 14 May, from 7pm to 8.30pm. The event is open to everyone and will be hosted by Litty City, a group of students on the Music Industry Management programme.

Guest Speaker - Pete Waterman

On Wednesday 8 May, from 6pm to 6.40pm, head to The Venue to hear more about Pete Waterman’s background and experience. The famous English record producer and songwriter will be our guest speaker for the day, answering questions about his successful musical career.

A Night of Original Music 2

We are excited to announce that, on Friday 3 May, at The Venue, from 6pm to 9pm, a “Night of Original Music 2” is taking place. Expect performances from Chiara Filomeni, Taje Tanaka Kaelin, Robbie Paice, Juliette and NDI. Don’t miss out! The event is open to all.

All About the Band Gig

This Tuesday, 26 March, LCCM students in the All About the Band programme wrapped up their course and showed off their newly improved skills in a gig at the Venue at the Music Box. The gig featured performances from student bands ‘811 Soul’ and ‘Akin Soul’. Congratulations to the students for putting up such an amazing performance!

LCCM and GUS would also like to thank tutors, artists and Southwark Music Services for facilitating the course.


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