At the Russian state’s request, Pink Floyd founding member Roger Waters spoke at the United Nations Security Council meeting on Wednesday. The musician’s address was largely an anti-war broadside as he condemned the “for-profit military industrial complex” and stressed the devastating toll of war, both on people and the environment. As the subject of the meeting was Russia’s ongoing war in Ukraine, Waters did eventually get around to that as well. Waters condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as “illegal,” but also said it was “not unprovoked.” He added, “So I also condemn the provocateurs in the strongest possible terms. There, that’s out of the way.” Oh Roger – why? Stick to music? These remarks about the war in Ukraine were far more subdued than some of the others Waters has made in the past. Last year, Waters said he believes his name is on a “kill list that is supported by the Ukrainian government.” In that same conversation, the singer shifted the blame from the ongoing war from Russia to NATO, suggesting that the organization essentially left Putin with no other choice but to invade Ukraine. Following his evidence to the UNSC, Ukrainian politicians quipped on social media that Waters was “just another *ick in the wall.” We’ll let you fill that one in for yourselves. Via Rolling Stone