As rumoured, Spotify launched their new homepage for the mobile app, replacing its existing carousels of music, podcast and playlist suggestions with a TikTok-style vertical feed of recommendations. A new feature called Spotify Clips will see artists able to add 30-second videos to their profiles and album pages, to talk about their new music and offer behind-the-scenes footage. Countdown Pages will be promoted within artists’ profiles as well as Spotify's homepage feed, where fans can pre-save albums (5, 4, 3, 2, 1... you get the idea). Spotify’s controversial Discovery Mode is also expanding – the tool that lets artists and their teams choose tracks to be promoted in Spotify’s radio and autoplay modes, in exchange for a lower royalty rate. Will Spotify become TikTok? It's time to find out. Bloomberg leaked the changes first – full info here via Spotify press release