Join us at the Music box for our latest Music Industry Mondays event! This week we are joined by brilliant young exec AJ Abram, Senior Label Manager at The Music Federation – a new independent label.

AJ is one of the Music Biz’s fastest-rising executives – having joined the Music Federation from Spotify and despite now finding himself in the front-lines of the business end, AJ's entry into the industry was as the artist, Jonny Desai, and library music writer, with his works being featured on David Attenborough, Balthazar, and 10 Years Younger. He’s also the host of Wise UP, a podcast that breaks down barriers by elevating upcoming Black and Brown music executives, pairing them in conversation with industry veterans.

AJ will be in conversation all about the Recording Sector with our very own Anthony Hamer-Hodges at the Music Box venue at 6PM this Monday 8th November. If you’re an artist or budding manager/label exec don’t miss the chance to hear AJ’s insights and get a chance to chat to him, too.