TikTok is already many things to many people, but now it is adding a couple of strings to its bow for musicians specifically: distribution and marketing services.

That's through its new SoundOn service, which will enable artists to upload music directly to TikTok, be paid royalties by the company, and use its set of promotional and analytics tools. However, SoundOn will also distribute to other streaming services: TikTok's sister DSP Resso, but also Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Pandora and more. TikTok says that it will pay through 100% of these royalties to artists in the first year, and 90% after that point. 

SoundOn will also enable artists to upload their tracks to TikTok's commercial music library, making it available for brands to use. For now, it is launching in the US, UK, Brazil and Indonesia for artists. If you use it, let us know how you get on! Check it out here