UMG alleged this week that the video-sharing app has failed to make payments for the last nine months, in violation of their licensing agreement. In the new lawsuit, Universal alleges that Triller has not paid invoices for the last three quarters on both a “framework agreement” and a “music app agreement.” The suit goes on to accuse Triller of also failing to provide quarterly usage reports that would detail the use of Universal’s music on the app. Two years ago, Universal pulled its entire catalog off of Triller, alleging that the company had withheld artist payments and failed to negotiate a licensing deal, which we covered here at the time. The two sides later announced a licensing deal in May 2021. In a statement on this year’s suit, Triller said it was “nothing more than a minor contractual dispute with a publisher, not the label, and has no impact whatsoever on Triller or its business.” Apparently they owe nearly $3 million for licensing and past use of the Universal Music catalog. “Minor dispute.” Sure.Via Variety