The month of June has never been busier at LCCM, thanks to our schedule of exciting recitals, all taking place at The Venue. Everyone is welcome to attend these entertaining musical performances.

Our schedule is as follows:

Tuesday 18 June
Sax Recital - 2-4pm 
Trombone Recital - 5-6pm
Drums Recital - 6-7pm


Wednesday 19 June
Bass Recital - 3-5pm
Guitar Recital - 5-8pm


Thursday 20 June
Drums Recital - 4-8pm


Friday 21 June
Drums Recital - 4-8pm


Monday 24 June
Vocal Recital - 3-8pm


Tuesday 25 June 
Vocal Recital - 4-8pm


Wednesday 26 June
Vocal Recital - 4-8 pm


Thursday 27 June
Piano Recital - 5-8 pm

Don’t miss out! We are looking forward to seeing you at LCCM, The Venue!