Bioplastics are derived from sources such as sugars and starches rather than oil or gas and do not create any toxic waste in their production. Currently, all vinyl records are made from Polyvinyl chloride (aka PVC) described by Greenpeace as "the most environmentally damaging plastic", whose production releases toxic, chlorine-based chemicals that are "building up in the water, air and food chain." The issue has come to the fore thanks to the recent boom in vinyl sales, which surpassed $1 billion last year in the United States alone (a first since the mid-1980s!). "It presses the same as PVC," said Evolution Music co-founder Marc Carey. "The final piece of the puzzle is there is a little bit of surface noise when you play the record, so we are working on that. We think we are two weeks away from finalising the recipe." Climate campaign Music Declares Emergency has already welcomed the news of what it sees as "guilt-free vinyl". Very very cool. Via CBS News

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