The industry exec said the industry should soon expect the increasing quality of music made with AI technologies that comes at a very fast pace, and the industry’s best bet is to embrace the technology, quipping “it’s not like you can put technology in a bottle…like the genie is not going back in.” However, Warner Music has plans to address the rightsholder issues that come with AI technology that’s used to create songs that sound like existing artists, he noted – using YouTube’s previous issues with copyright material that required them to put in place a technological solution (Content ID). “We need to approach it with the same thoughtfulness and we have to make sure that artists have a choice,” he said about AI, hinting that artists who don’t want to participate could opt out, but those who do could ensure they are protected. Proof is in the pudding but Warner Music is apparently focused on working collaboratively with the largest platforms (YouTube, TikTok, Spotify, etc) to help it define the rules of the road as these technologies are developed.