Even as a musician, you still need the same skills as everyone else when it comes to applying for a job role. Come down to our next Career Workshops, delivered by GUS Student Services, this February.

On 21 February, we’ll be having an Emotional Intelligent Leadership workshop. Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to understand and manage your own emotions, as well as those of the people around you. People with a high levels of emotional intelligence understand their own feelings, know what their emotions mean and how their emotions can affect other people. For leaders, having emotional intelligence is an essential ingredient for professional success. 

The workshop will help students to:

  • Understand and recognise the impact of the leader’s mood and behaviour on professional relationships within the work environment;
  • Understand the powerful effects of emotional intelligence in leadership;
  • Recognise the benefits of applying EI and a growth mind-set to their personal and professional life.


On 26 February 2019, our workshop will focus on Interviewing Techniques. This workshop will provide you with advice on how to best respond to various interview questions, as well as bring awareness on the importance of preparing for interviews. You will also learn what you should and shouldn’t do when interviewing.

The workshop will help students to:

  • Be aware of the most common interview questions and learn how to answer them;
  • Learn how to use STAR approach in answering competency-based questions;
  • Understand the dos and don’ts when interviewing.

These workshops are completely free and will be taking place in Classroom 4B between 1pm and 2pm. To book your place, email your full name, student number and the name of the workshop you wish to attend to studentservices@lccm.org.uk.