Under these new proposals, the cost of artists visas – which already run into thousands of pounds – would increase by more than 250%. In the midst of the ongoing cost of living crisis and with the live sector still recovering from the impacts of COVID such increases would make it unaffordable for many emerging and mid-level British acts to work and perform in the world’s biggest music market. This month saw Leicester band Easy Life scrap their upcoming US tour due to “some insane costs." Easy Life frontman Murray Matravers explained how “bleak” a picture there already was without the “crippling” massive visa price hike. “We just couldn’t afford it – it’s literally as simple as that,” he said. "This isn’t because we couldn’t sell tickets – we forecast it to sell out – but even if it sold out, we’d still be losing about £30,000. At this stage in our career, we don’t have £30,000 to lose.” Music fans and industry workers have until 6th March to oppose the move on the Federal Register website here, with those in the industry also invited to fill in this survey from the Featured Artists Coalition. Get those pens a-signing FastTrackers! Via MMF & NME