For our next virtual Enterprise Evening we are thrilled to host Rich Billis, one of the pioneers of intertwining tech wizardry within music!

Rich is the Chief Technology Officer for Create Music Group, a next generation music company whose foundation is built on the evolving global digital music marketplace. Prior to joining Create Music Group, Rich toured the world and topped various electronic dance music charts as Lazy Rich, a prominent DJ in the EDM scene. In his downtime, he built Label Engine, a cutting-edge music distribution company and royalty management portal which services over 1,200 labels around the world. After Create Music Group acquired Label-Engine in 2016, Rich became CTO for Create and currently oversees a team of 11 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Rich is truly at the forefront of technological development and this should be a really exciting conversation, hosted by leader of MA Creative Entrepreneurship, Austin Milne.

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