London College of Creative Media (LCCM) ranked top amongst contemporary music institutions in the UK in the National Student Survey 2020 with an overall Student Satisfaction score of 86.5%.

LCCM’s ratings show a marked improvement in student satisfaction compared to 2019, with improved scores in nearly all categories. Significant improvements were registered with regards to Learning Opportunities, Academic Support, Organisation and Management, and Learning Resources.

LCCM achieved ratings ahead of the national benchmark from its student in the following:

  • Providing opportunities to explore ideas or concepts in depth (91.89%)
  • Providing opportunities to apply what they have learnt (89.19%)
  • Receiving helpful comments on their work (89.19%)
  • Receiving sufficient advice and guidance in relation to the course (86.49%)
  • The institution saw significant improvement in two of the key scales provided. Students showed appreciation for the teaching on their courses (85.14%), and the learning opportunities provided (85.59%).

Every year, the National Student Survey (NSS) provides colleges, universities and other institutions with the opportunity to receive feedback from their students on key aspects of the learning experience.

The overall figure for student satisfaction at LCCM surpasses the national average of 83% registered this year. These results place LCCM ahead of the institutions specialising in contemporary music education in the country.

Dr Simon Jones, Principal at LCCM, said: “This is an encouraging result for our institution, for the present as well as the future. The higher score on key aspects shows that we’ve been able to learn from last year, listen to our students and focus our work on the areas they indicated as needing improvement.”

The NSS is commissioned by the Office for Students (OfS) and is carried out by the OfS on behalf of the UK funding and regulatory bodies. NSS 2020 collected responses from more than 311,000 students from 369 higher education institutions in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Dr Jones added: “In the following days we will look closely at the results and the feedback we received from students. Their response to the NSS shows their involvement with the institution, and we are committed to ensuring their opinions and suggestions will meet equal dedication to improve the learning experience.”