Another week, another songwriting lawsuit: this time it's against Justin Bieber and Dan & Shay. Both have been hit with a copyright suit that claims they borrowed the “core portion” of their Grammy-winning hit 10,000 Hours from a comparatively obscure 1980 song called The First Time Baby Is A Holiday

The complaint was filed Thursday in Los Angeles federal court by a company called Melomega (sorry, who?) The claim is supported by musicologist Dr. Alexander Stewart, who arrived at the “ineluctable conclusion that defendants stole plaintiff’s song.” Interestingly, the complaint also attempts to differentiate the complaint from high-profile but ultimately unsuccessful infringement allegations involving Katy Perry’s Dark Horse and Led Zeppelin’s Stairway to Heaven, claiming that other lawsuits have been based on “as few as 6 to 7 consecutive notes” stating that “several 47-note sections of ‘10,000 Hours’ are virtually identical to parallel sections of ‘First Time’.” Time to have a listen... Via Variety