Forget Wordle, it's all about new app 'Heardle' where you guess tracks and artists based on a snippet of the intro. Heardle combines the guessing format of Wordle with the fun of the classic game show “Name That Tune.”

Heardle does all this while challenging your aural proximity to the currency of pop, hip-hop, rock and electro. Think Bruno Mars, Childish Gambino, Coldplay and Daft Punk. The concept is simple enough: listen to the intro, then guess the correct artist and song title in six tries or less. 

The goal is to guess this in as few notes as possible, so to win bragging rights with your fellow music geeks (e.g. us). Warning, though: Heardle does not make it easy! Even beloved songs such as “Ms. Jackson” from Outkast aren't simple to guess, despite their iconic status. You’ll hear a drum snap or a guitar loop that may sound really familiar but yet you just can't place it. Equal parts amazing and totally annoying. Good luck – we think you'll love it! Via Variety