4AM is apparently the best time to go viral on TikTok says head of agency that made Saweetie, Lil Nas X and The Kid Laroi take off on the app. Griffin Haddrill, the 23-year-old co-founder and CEO of VRTCL, speaking in an interview, said: "The cool thing about TikTok is your content has a better chance of going viral or being successful at the times of the least audience time and when the least content is being uploaded.

We’ve done this so many times, even with Saweetie. We will post something at midnight or 11pm, or six in the morning. It’ll go viral because the content output during that window is so low. The way the TikTok algorithm works is the 'For You' page has to aggregate content at all times.

If 100 million videos are uploaded at 2pm but only 10 million are uploaded at 4am, then our chances of going viral have increased 10 fold." Priceless insights. Also, loving this photo of Saweetie watching back her fans covers of her TikToks, we're here for it. Read the full interview via MIC