14th Jan - 2023

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CertHE Music Business Programme Overview

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Study Mode

Full Time / Part Time / Distance


1 year (FT); 2 year (PT)

Full-time fees

UK / EEA: £9,250 per year

Part-time fees

UK / EEA: £4,620 per year


SFE funding available

International/ EU Applicants

If you are arriving after the UK has left the EU on January 1st 2021, you will require a visa to study in the UK, LCCM will not be able to sponsor you for a student visa. To find out more information, please visit the following page: apply to the EU Settlement Scheme.

University Validation

University for the Creative Arts


Through UCAS

If you are not registered with UCAS you may apply directly to us through here.

Start Date

May or September 2024



Programme Specification

CertHE Music Business

This is possibly the most exciting time to be entering the music industry with the digital
opportunity bringing a renewed optimism and five years of solid revenue growth. Young,
ambitious and skilled new entrants are better placed than most to prosper in the new global
streaming economy, with many of the rules yet to be written. The skills you will learn at LCCM
including social media marketing, building an audience online with growth hacking, artist
branding and data analysis are much in demand.

An associate college of:


Course Overview

This one year course will introduce you to three ‘in-demand’ employment pathways developed in
partnership with industry:

• Music Business Administration
• Digital trends and the streaming economy
• Event Management and Promotion

Collaborate. Network. Create.

Throughout the course, you will be encouraged to collaborate with your peers, students on other degrees at LCCM and the wider creative community. As you build a network of talented, creative and ambitious musicians and entrepreneurs, you will be given the opportunity and support to put what you are learning into practice in the real world.

Being in the heart of London, we have close links to industry and have dedicated staff looking to match students with opportunities from our partners and industry network.

Extracurricular activities

The LCCM student body is a highly creative community and we encourage students to network internally, creating events and activities themselves. The student committee organises student social and open events in our venue and performance rooms. We have many activities that occur throughout the year, including industry guest masterclasses for the whole college and weekly workshops such as Songwriting, Programming, Instrumental group lessons, Choir to open jams are offered to compliment your studies. These workshops also gives you the opportunity to experiment with new musical ideas, to improve your music skills and knowledge in a relaxed and informal setting.

We encourage students to attend industry networking events and conferences, especially those that happen in London. The Music Box venue regularly hosts gatherings with some of the most influential industry organisations including UK Music, the BPI, the Ivors Academy, the Radio Academy, the Featured Artist Coalition. 


“I think the thing I like the most about studying here is the people: the staff and my peers make it a very encouraging environment and a very positive one. I feel like sometimes music can become quite competitive and I don’t feel that here.”

Kathleen Fitzpatrick Milton

BMus (Hons) Performance and Production student

“I chose LCCM because the atmosphere was totally different to the other schools that I looked at, it seemed much more genuine and the teachers were really friendly.”

Sahil Batra

BMus (Hons) Performance and Production student

“My favourite thing about LCCM is the fact that, having taught in a number of similar institutions, LCCM doesn’t have that corporate vibe that you get in a lot of the competition schools.”

Pete Cater

Drum Tutor

“If you are looking for a place where you want to develop your professional skills but also be very excited by the actual business of making music, then LCCM is a good place to study.”

Roland Perrin

Head of Piano

“One of the things that I like most about studying at LCCM is the teachers. They’re great teachers, fun, relaxed, really experienced and they know a lot about what they are talking about.”

Benjamin Harrison

Cert HE Music Performance 1st year student

“I chose LCCM because it’s the most well-rounded music college in London. The facilities are fantastic, they offer one-to-one tuition, which is really good, and the level of teaching is really high.”


Bass Course

“If you want to be at a school where you do performance, theory and live music every day of your life, then yes, I would recommend it.”


Bass Course

“This is the best place to go. Unlike other places that have classes of twenty to thirty people, with the one-to-ones it’s just you.”

Frankie Connolly

BMus Guitar course

“It’s been a hardworking year, but I've learnt a lot and it has been very inspiring.”


First year piano

“Enrolling at LCCM was the best thing I've done for my music career, you have to be in London to do music.”


First year piano

“I chose LCCM because there's no other music course that I've discovered that goes in the direction I want. Here there is a big focus on the horns, learning jazz and harmony.”


BMus performance course - Trumpet

“I wanted to go somewhere where I felt comfortable. Teachers are very relaxed but meticulous at the same time, making you focus on your weaknesses.”



“You would want to come on this course if you are interested in working with musicians, writers and other people in creative media and the creative industries.”

David Harvey

Program Leader

“We give you industry-led tutors, access to professional organisations and networks that we are all part of.”

KT Foster

Program Leader

“What I'm looking for in a song writing student is someone who’s got the drive and the passion to develop the kind of discipline of writing all the time. That passion, that urgency and that need to create and express something in their songs are ideally the main ingredients we’re looking for.”

Mike McAvoy

Subject leader in Songwriting

“We’re into all sorts of music - we’re not a rock school or a pop school, we’re into everything. We’ve had heavy metal bands, jazz bands and everything in between, and this make us quite unusual.”

Darius Khwaja


What Will You Learn?


Entry Criteria

96 UCAS points from accepted Level 3 qualifications, or equivalent experience
4 GCSEs grade C/4 including English or equivalent (e.g. Functional Skills)
Successful interview


All applicants meeting the minimum entry requirements and whose application demonstrates the
capability to complete this programme will be offered an interview.

The course is taught in English. If you are not a native speaker you will need to demonstrate fluency in reading, writing and oral English at interview/application stage.

You may be asked to prove this via a third party test where you should score, as a minimum, the following points: IELTS
5.5 or Duolingo 95

We also welcome applications from mature students (21+ years) and those without formal qualifications but with demonstrable passion for and practical experience in the music industry.

Personal statement

The personal statement is an important part of your application and is your chance to tell us what your aims in the music business are and why it interests you. Your ability to communicate effectively is important, so the quality of your writing is a factor in how we make our decision. In particular, we will be looking for you to show an interest in the music business, demonstrated by one or more of the following:

  • enthusiasm for listening to live or recorded music
  • reading about music/the music industry
  • organising gigs or music events
  • using social media to publish or promote music
Audition Information

You may be invited to an interview to assess your eligibility for the course if:

  • you have not met the minimum entry criteria but show within your application a strong interest, and promise of ability for the course;


  • there is insufficient information in your application for us to make a decision.


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