British producer Dean Josiah Cover (aka Inflo) won Producer of the Year at this year's Brit Awards, and now he's using his position to advocate for a change in the way his peers are paid for their work. "I have been on a mission to introduce a base rate and royalty for young producers in the UK" he wrote on Instagram earlier this week. "This will ensure young producers are protected on any major label releases... We’ve been having conversations with producers, artists, labels and lawyers to see what that rate can be. Everyone agrees no young or upcoming producers should be exploited, and the artist shouldn’t have to give up any further royalty share than they already have been. Most young producers, especially young black producers, come into the business really pure, with friends as management and no real guidance, protection or understanding. They're often eager for placements and would sign without fully understanding contracts, in desperation of life-changing opportunities." Hear hear.Via Inflo IG