Sony was already involved in Larsson’s career via its Epic US label, which worked with TEN on the international release of her recent albums. Epic will still be involved across the pond, while the new label also has a distribution agreement with Sony Music Sweden. Larsson thanked TEN Music and its CEO Ola Håkansson for both their involvement in her career to date and the deal allowing her to secure control of her previous recordings: “I really want to say thank you to Ola and everyone at TEN for giving me the opportunity to break out as an artist and helping me start my career”, she said. “You are now also making something happen that is so, so rare for a woman in the music industry – the capability to own my own catalogue. With that it makes perfect sense that I would start my own record company. I very much look forward to my future and to a continued collaboration with Sony as well”. Can we believe it – an actual good music industry story where a (female) artist is treated fairly and takes back control of their own destiny? Kudos to everyone involved, in particular Larsson herself and TEN Music. Inspiring stuff! Via Complete Music Update