Running Up That Hill is currently the UK's most-streamed song, averaging 700,000 plays per day on Spotify – in previous weeks, those streams would have counted as 3,500 "sales" but this week that figure will double to 7,000. In today's streaming era, every song is available everywhere all the time, which poses the charts with a pretty major headache. If you counted streams on a like-for-like basis, classic songs like The Killers' Mr Brightside would never leave the Top 40 and a modern hit like Ed Sheeran's Bad Habits would currently be spending its 50th week in the Top 10. In order to give other artists a chance and keep the charts from becoming stale, our industry invented something called "accelerated decline" where older songs need to reach a higher number of streams before they count as a sale. It led to the bonkers situation last week where Running Up That Hill was comfortably the most-streamed song in the UK with more than 2.5 million plays but Harry Styles was able to waltz into the number one spot because As It Was enjoyed a more favourable streams-to-sales ratio. Now the playing field has been levelled. Come on Kate! Via BBC