The UK's parliamentary inquiry into the economics of music streaming, held by the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) committee proved toe-curlingly awkward for major rightsholders. Now another of the parliament's committees, the Women and Equalities Committee, is preparing its own investigation. Under the microscope this time it's misogyny – in the music industry and the music it puts out. In a press release, the committee said: "Recent years have brought to light the extent to which women working within the music industry experience sexism, including allegations of harassment and coercive control. The Committee's inquiry will explore the sexism experienced by women within the industry, but will also look at the representation of women within music and the effect of this on consumers. The inquiry will also focus on harassment at festivals and other live music events." About time. There is an open call for written submissions to be delivered by 17th July, and the Committee will begin to hear evidence in the Autumn. We will happily support any FastTrackers or LCCMers who wish to submit written evidence and share their experiences. More here, including how and where to submit


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