It's pioneering program spotlighting 12 of the most exciting emerging UK Rap artists on the platform, with Stepz, the UK's most viewed artist of 2022, named as the first featured artist. The campaign builds on the success of UK Rap on TikTok in recent years, with Rap artists and sounds continuing to dominate and drive trends on and off the platform. 12 artists will be profiled as part of the Next Gen series and featured in the #Rap discover page, the central place to discover the best artists, culture, content and music from the world of UK rap on TikTok. Fans on the platform can expect exciting new content, videos and behind-the-scenes footage. Parris OH, Artist Manager at TikTok said: "The Rap scene is thriving in the UK, with so many incredible new artists, both innovating and creating new music within Rap & sharing it on TikTok. In 2022, Stepz was crowned as our most viewed artist in the UK, that’s why he’s our first pick of our brand new Next Gen Series under #rap. He’s a testament to how to make the platform work for you! Spurring us on to showcase and celebrate established artists like Digga D and Ms Banks, Tion Wayne, Russ Million & more." Via press release