It’s an understandable assumption that Obama, like most former government officials, did not spend 2022 blasting Tití Me Preguntó – and that a young intern has put together his legendary playlists. But the former President came out swinging in an interview with Hasan Minhaj, empathetically and slightly defensively saying “I do!” He went on to say. “People, they believe the books and the movies, but the playlists, they somehow think — and this is mostly coming from young people like you — somehow, y’all think you invented rock ’n’ roll. You invented hip-hop. And so the fact that my lists are, you know, pretty incredible — people seem to think, well, he must’ve had some 20-year-old intern who was figuring out this latest cut. No, man! It’s on my iPad right now.” 😂👏 Watch here