It’s always good to make sure you have your skills refreshed and improved to prepare for professional life after university. Make sure you catch our latest Career Workshops, delivered by GUS Student Services, coming up this March.

On 6 March, we will offer a workshop on Effective Decision Making and Problem Solving. The relationship between decision making and problem solving is complex. The major difference is that problem solving is a method, whereas decision making is a process. Problem solving is a more analytical aspect of thinking, a fraction of the overall issue being dealt with.

This workshop will help students to:

  • Understand how your mind works in processing decisions;
  • Recognise the impact of positive and negative influences of decision making;
  • Understand how your decisions shape you belief systems and overall personality;
  • Confidently share ideas and solutions with others;
  • Understand creative problem solving techniques.


On 21 March, our workshop will be on Job Search Strategies and Networking. Looking for a job is a process that takes time and energy, and it can be frustrating and demotivating when you do not achieve the outcome you expected. Successful job seekers utilise a variety of strategies and resources that help them distinguish themselves from others and be one step ahead of their competitors.

This workshop will help students to:

  • Get tips and techniques on how to efficiently look for a job;
  • Understand all the channels that can provide work opportunities for students;
  • Be aware of the importance of networking and informational interview.

These workshops are completely free and will be taking place in Classroom 4B between 1pm and 2pm. To book your place, email your full name, student number and the name of the workshop you wish to attend to