Enterprise Evenings returns with Rafe Offer, founder and Executive Chair of Sofar Sounds, the third in the new series following talks with leading entrepreneurs Jeremy Silver (Digital Catapult) and Karen Emanuel (Key Production).

Sofar Sounds is a global community of music lovers that transforms everyday spaces – from living rooms and rooftops, to boutiques and museums – into captivating venues for secret, live shows. What started as a series of intimate performances in Rafe’s London flat in 2009 has grown to 10,000 shows annually in 447 cities around the world and boasts major investors like Richard Branson. Before Sofar, Rafe’s extensive experience includes leading marketing, product development and innovation teams at major global brands including Coca-Cola, the Walt Disney Company and UK-based spirits company Diageo.

Rafe is passionate and down-to-earth, and this talk will cover everything from marketing and branding, to promoting a company culture that fosters innovation and how to engage Generation Z through live performance. Many of us have attended a Sofar event – now you can meet the man that made it all possible!

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