Anderson .Paak launches new record label "Apeshit. Inc" in collaboration with Universal Music, aimed at signing instrumentalists. “I wanted to start a label that sets fire to a new generation of artists, who can play while performing,” said .Paak.

“This label is going to be about passion, about feeling, about honesty.  It’s about respect for the culture and art and it’s about heart.” With .Paak at the helm, his vision is to create a label that will showcase all genres of artists and push musicians that play instruments to the forefront.

The label will look to raise the bar on music with its selection of artists, no gimmicks, no button-pushing, just raw talent. “I was going to shows and realised that less and less I was seeing actual performers,” said .Paak.  “Where is the next generation that can play instruments?? I know they’re out there – don’t sell your instruments, this label wants to hear you!!” C'mon LCCMers! Via Universal Music Group