Who are the Student Services

The Student Service team are always available in office hours to provide any help that students need. We can offer you practical professional advice and guidance to support you before, during and after your time as a student at LCCM. We will be your first point of contact for any query. Our team works together to provide you with a better experience during your course by providing the support in different areas from academic guidance to wellbeing support or any question you have, we will be your first point of contact. You can always approach us, and we will help you.

Academic Support

Programme Administration as the first point of contact for the students. We can help with any enquiries about the academic organisation of the study programme. This can include, non-extensively:

  1. Timetable/ Calendar Queries
  2. Programme & Module advice. This includes any questions about LCCM Policies, modules, assessment briefs, exams, resits.
  3. Study Support. If a student is struggling academically, Programme administration can provide ILPs alongside with the Programme Leaders and/or provide extra study support to enhance the student’s learning and overall experience.
  4. Assessment deferrals/Extenuating Circumstances. Students may have situations that might prevent them to sit or submit an assessment. If they have valid reason to postpone an assessment as per the respective LCCM Policy, we can help you with this process.
  5. Authorised Absences. If students may sometimes not be able to attend a lesson due to various reasons. Programme Admin can help with the Policy and procedure to ensure they have an authorised absence, avoiding a negative impact on attendance.
  6. Academic Appeals and Complaints
  7. Transfers, interruptions, Withdrawals
Welfare and Wellbeing

Programme Administration is in charge for the pastoral care and wellbeing of the students in the college. For any student that is struggling personally for any reason, we can arrange meetings to provide extra support and/or signpost if professional help is needed.

Disability Assistance

Alongside the LCCM inclusion centre, Programme administration can provide you information of extra help if a student has a disability. This can include questions about Independent Learning Plans, study and assessment accommodations, extra academic/pastoral support, DSA amongst others.

Academic Engagement

LCCM values student feedback and life greatly. Programme Administration will provide support to the LCCM student Body, Student Union members in their activities and events. Support is also provided to Student Union members and representatives in the relevant college committees where students have active representation.

Student Life

This will include any questions about your life as a student in LCCM. This can include advice on Accommodation, Bank Letters, Council Tax letters, financial support, Student Oyster cards amongst others.


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