Successful Mind-set Workshop

LCCM will host a workshop on creating a mind-set for success on Friday 27 September in Room 4A. Students will have the opportunity to learn how to recognise and understand the impact of emotional blocks as well as the limitations this can have on your personal and professional life. In addition, students will reflect on the personal power they hold and the effects of building a successful mind-set can have.

Take a step towards a more rewarding future with the Successful Mind-set event. Please contact for further details.

Confidence Building Workshop

Having self-confidence is important for all aspects of your life: work, friendships and relationships. For many of us, building self-confidence is a long-term process that requires consistent training and surrounding ourselves with positive personal and professional connections.

Join LCCM on Friday 27 September for our Confidence Building Workshop to learn about self-appreciation, celebrating your own abilities and how to view failure as a learning experience. You’ll learn techniques for building your confidence that can have long-term effects on your happiness. The event will start at 11am in Room 4A. Please contact for more information.

BOX TALKS #1 – Nick Halkes, Manager of The Prodigy, comes to LCCM

LCCM is pleased to announce Box Talks – a brand-new series of cutting-edge masterclasses, talks and interviews with the UK Music Industry's most exciting leaders and influencers. Hosted from LCCM's Music Box venue, Box Talks are led by the college's Careers and Industry Liaison working in partnership with fellow industry stakeholders and local communities. 

#BOX1 is an A&R playback Masterclass with iconic A&R and industry executive Nick Halkes, long-time manager of The Prodigy and founder of legendary labels XL Recordings and Positiva. Nick will give his top-level, real-world insight on the A&R process – and then feedback on your submitted tracks. Get your free tickets here, and submit your tracks for playout and feedback here. We are currently sold out, but look out for more tickets available on the 18th of September.

LCCM attending Eric Festival

Catch LCCM at the Eric Festival on Saturday 6 July 2019. We have some of our very own students performing, including Sara Hammond, Amelia Dare, Kathleen Frances and Jane Silver. We also have our alumni “Bad Honey” performing on the main stage. Our team will be available on site in the Market Place to answer any questions anyone might have and fun activities planned throughout the day, so make sure you pop by.


Refer a friend offer

LCCM is pleased to announce its newly-launched “Refer a Friend” offer, available to all undergraduate and postgraduate LCCM students.

If you have a friend interested in studying a music degree, simply refer him/her following the two simple steps below and get a chance to receive a £100 Ticketmaster voucher as a reward.


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