When was the last time you tuned into a livestream on Instagram? Depending on your answer, you may think livestreaming has had its time in the sun, just a fun thing we all did during quarantine but has since died out. According to the guys at Lounges.tv, however, it’s the complete opposite.

This digital world we live in is continuously changing which means it’s having an effect on everything, particularly the music industry. Lounges.tv, a livestreaming platform determined to redefine the streaming experience, is using this to its advantage by providing a platform for music creators to connect with their listeners in a whole new way.

Read on to find out about the advantages of livestreaming as a music artist (big or small!) and how Lounges.tv, with its unique features and notable future ambassadors, is shaping the future of virtual performances.

Is livestreaming here to stay?

Livestreaming's rise during the pandemic sparked debates about its longevity. To dive deeper into this, we spoke with [insert name here], [insert job title here] from Lounges.tv who tells our Music Industry Mondays audience that it’s not merely a byproduct of the pandemic but a tool that breaks barriers and connects artists with audiences in unprecedented ways.

Livestreaming is still a valuable way for music artists to reach diverse audiences, and it’s only getting better.

To watch the full interview and gain some really interesting insights, you can watch the full video here.

How Lounges.tv is changing the game

Lounges.tv is currently making waves in the livestreaming landscape. The platform offers an immersive experience that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of live concerts. Artists can schedule events, engage with audiences in real-time and appear on streams for direct interaction.

Up to 20 people can join a single livestream (sounds like a party) creating a real intimate space for artists to interact with their listeners. It’s like being backstage with your fave artist at a concert. Who else is making that possible from your bedroom?

Taking charge of your craft

Typically in the music business, the more successful you get, the less control you have. With livestreaming, particularly on Lounges.tv, the artist is in control no matter how big their audience is. Artists can be flexible and decide which content goes behind a paywall and how much they want to charge for their time and performances, providing a fair and customisable approach.

This flexibility means that creators can monetise their craft more equitably which is also starting to draw some support from influential figures in the industry. (Simon Cowell has been rumoured to drop a couple pounds into the investment pot but you didn’t hear that from me.) Lounges.tv is definitely on its way to good things.

A voice for everyone

One really attractive feature of Lounges.tv for musicians is its commitment to supporting artists at all levels. It’s always scary starting from 0 on any platform but here, all artists have an equal chance of being established on their site.

Smaller artists are encouraged to join as well as more established artists who can join the likes of Nate James who uses the platform frequently himself.

Lounges.tv's new Showcase series, featuring competitions and prizes such as new equipment, international trips and one-on-one sessions with established figures in the business, demonstrates their commitment to uplifting talent beyond likes and votes. With over 4,000 active users, the platform is providing a thriving community for artists to connect and showcase their work.

A place where the creator comes first

Places like Netflix and Amazon designed their platform with the viewer or customer in mind first. Sure, you’ll get unlimited movies for just £10 a month but what about all the cast and crew of all those movies? How do they get their cut from such a small ask from the viewer?

With Lounges.tv, creators come first. The platform was designed to help artists get the most out of their time while livestreaming and gives them control when it comes to monetisation. On average, active creators can expect to make £50 to £100 in revenue from just a 30-minute stream.

Goodbye to the days of needing a massive following to make some actual money!

As an added plus, the platform offers a professional streaming studio, allowing artists to give their streams that sleek professional touch.

Overall, livestreaming is certainly not dead, if anything, it’s got a lot of room for potential especially when it comes to music artists. Lounges.tv is just another example of how technology is creating more and more opportunities for music artists. Which also means fewer excuses to propel your career!

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