Every week at our Music Industry Mondays events, we discuss industry-relevant topics and sometimes we bring on guests who are staples in the music industry as well as up-and-coming musicians. This week, we have one of our very own students, Tara Noble, to discuss her journey from student to incredible music performer.

Read on to hear Tara’s story on how amazingly well her music career is going so far or watch the entire conversation right here.

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How Tara became Tash

Tara has been in and out of bands since she was 12 years old. Being a fan of music since forever, Tara was excited to become serious about her music career and wanted to study further.

At first, she did a year at the University of Westminster before changing her mind and moving to LCCM. Westminster didn’t really have the community feel and passion she was looking for. LCCM on the other hand, she says, had a smaller group of students who were genuinely inspired by music and had tutors that took the time to know them personally. Not to toot our own horn but, she told no lies.

After taking everything she learned from LCCM, Tara made her way through the music industry, constructing a new persona under the name ‘Tash’ and making singles and music videos, one of which has even been banned on TikTok. An achievement in itself really.

The name Tash gives her an opportunity to embody another part of herself whilst she performs on stage. It’s like living a double life. And it’s also cool when people think her name is Tash and not Tara. She’s a different person when she’s on stage, and the name helps her to channel a deeper level of confidence. Beyonce knew what she was doing with Sasha Fierce it seems.


Follow that feeling, listen to your gut!

Approaching people can be incredibly intimidating and scary, but the only way you’re going to get somewhere in this crazy industry is to do the uncomfortable thing. Send that videographer a DM, reach out to booking agents, talk to people in person and introduce yourself, send 500 emails and expect no replies. Maybe not literally 500, we don’t need a ban from Google. But don’t be afraid to just hit send. This is how you make things happen.

And that’s exactly what Tara did, she sent numerous emails to booking agents with every expectation that she wouldn’t get any replies in return. A short, sweet message with a video showing everything you’ve got to offer is all you need. It worked for Tara, she bagged herself a booking agent this way, and it can work for you too.

Listening to your gut also comes in handy when it comes to making decisions on how you want to express yourself or what paths to take when it comes to making creative decisions. Tara says it’s the decisions she made after listening to her intuition that turned out to be the best for her career.

Things come together a lot quicker when you listen to your gut. You can avoid wasting a lot of time by working with the wrong people or pursuing something different when you know deep down exactly who you want to be and how to want to execute certain ideas.


Don’t sweat the small stuff, celebrate them

All music artists probably have a similar goal; to create good art and have others enjoy their music. But that’s a big goal and it may take some time to see those dreamy results play out in front of you.

Tara reminds us that it’s important to celebrate the small wins on the journey. Try to implement small, attainable goals so you can give yourself a well-needed little win every so often. Successful music careers don’t just fall out of the sky and into your lap. Chasing a huge win is bound to damage the ego a little and can easily make you feel bad when you don’t achieve it, especially within a certain time frame.

Like Tara, try setting some achievable goals for every release. Maybe you want to reach a certain number of followers or streams, or you want to become better at something before your next release so the one after that is even better. Milestones are important but don’t forget that they don’t have to be huge ones for them to count.

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