The capital of the United Kingdom, London, is renowned for a lot of things. It is the seat of the UK’s Royal Family, one of the biggest business hubs in Western Europe and has a plethora of historical landmarks like the London Bridge and Big Ben. Additionally, it is a huge cultural melting pot, with more than 300 languages spoken across the city.

These accolades aside, London is also known for its patronage to musicians and artists. According to data released by the London School of Music, London recorded more than 19,940 musical gigs in 2017 across its numerous venues and pubs.

What makes London so popular among musicians? And why should you consider choosing the city as your musical career destination? Let’s find out!

An overview of the music industry in London

Apart from being the UK’s capital and a multi-cultural hub, London is the heart of Europe’s music industry. The city constantly witnesses cutting-edge music developments and new music trends being defined by popular culture.

London has been named as the ‘Busiest City in the World for Live Music’ by Culture Trip, ahead of both New York and Los Angeles. The live music industry in London generated more than £1 billion in 2016. Thus, London can be a great place to gain meaningful exposure to music and build influential contacts.

Top reasons that make London the ultimate music career destination

There are plenty of other reasons that make London an ideal city to start your musical career. Here are the top advantages of choosing a music university in London.

  1. London is truly the live music capital of Europe. According to data, it hosted the highest number of live gigs in 2017 across Europe. The thriving live music scene can be attributed to the presence of many classic venues that cater to different musical genres.
  2. London is an internationally recognised music hub. Many of the world’s most celebrated music labels like Ministry of Sound and Ninja Tune have originated from London. Additionally, the city is also home to many renowned entertainment companies and studios like Warner Bros.
  3. London is the birthplace of many new musical genres. The city has played an important role in the evolution of genres like punk music in the 1970s, New Romantics in the 1980s, and Britpop in the 1990s.
  4. Most of the music technology giants across the world have their bases in London. Companies like Spotify, Amazon Music, and Deezer have their satellite offices in the city, which are leading the way in music innovation. Additionally, many renowned music start-ups like Mixcloud and Songkick have their headquarters in the city.

If these reasons aren’t enough to make you consider a music course in London, there are numerous renowned music colleges in London. The city also has a plethora of old and new music shops which can make your shopping for musical instruments a delight.

If you are serious about a musical career, there’s no isn’t better destination than London to inspire and settle you as a musician. You can also explore other career paths in the music industry, like music management or music entrepreneurship, if you don’t fancy working as an artist.

The London College of Creative Media (LCCM) offers a wide range of music programmes that are industry-oriented and provide you with many practical skills. Whether you want to venture towards music composition or want to explore audio engineering, you can find a programme at LCCM to suit your preference.

LCCM also offers a wide range of business-oriented programmes like MA Creative Entrepreneurship and BA Music Business Management. These courses can help you carve a successful managerial or business career within the music and entertainment industry.

All programmes at LCCM are awarded by the prestigious University for the Creative Arts. Click here to get the complete rundown of music programmes available at LCCM.

Frequently asked questions

Question 1: Where can you hang out as a musician in London?

London is filled with many viable spots for musicians and music lovers. You can explore the work of upcoming musicians at Bushstock in Shepherd’s Bush or catch a music concert at the Hampton Court Palace Festival. If you are into Rock ‘n’ roll, you can check out the new artists in that genre at the Camden Rocks Festival.

Question 2: Which music course should I choose for a successful career in the UK music industry?

There are a lot of music courses available that can help you establish a successful career in the music industry. However, your preferred career path would determine your music course specialisation.

If you want to become a performing artist, you can opt for theBMus (Hons) Contemporary Music Performance and Production course at LCCM. However, if you are interested in the business aspect of the music industry, you can choose the BA (Hons) Music Business Management.

Question 3: Is a music career feasible in London?

Yes! The music industry in the UK is one of the most bustling professional domains and has plenty of opportunities for talented musicians and music managers. According to, the industry alone contributed £5.2 billion towards the country’s economy in 2018.

With the right background and education, you can choose from a wide variety of career paths in the music industry in London or any other major city in the UK.

Question 4: What kind of earning prospects can I expect as a musician in London?

Talented musicians are known to draw decent compensation packages in London. According to data released by, an average musician in London can earn around £34,817 every year.