If you don’t know where to start your research on Clearing in London, we can help you out. This blog answers the most frequently asked questions about accommodation and student finance while applying through Clearing. Let’s dive in!

Question 1: What kind of student finance options can I expect?

College education can be expensive. Therefore, student finance is often a necessity for people attending university. There are different types of student finance options that can help you pay your tuition fees and living costs while you are in college.

You can opt to apply for a tuition fee loan that would cover the entire cost of your college tuition. This amount would be directly paid to the university. However, you still need to cover the cost of your accommodation and living expenses at college.

You can also apply for maintenance loans which can help you cover your living costs. These loan amounts are paid directly to you, and you must ensure that you are making timely payments for your rent and food.

You can also be eligible for additional funding if you have special circumstances like a disability issue. However, this kind of funding is mostly decided on a case-by-case basis. You would have to talk to the university to check if you are eligible.

Question 2: Can I apply for student finance before making a decision about a specific course?

Yes! You can change university details online if and when you have made a final decision. You can proceed with your first-choice university and amend your choice later.

It is important not to delay applying for funding during Clearing. Hence, you should apply for student finance if you think you need it, even if you are unsure about which university you will be attending.

Question 3: What documents do I need to apply for student finance?

You will need the following documents at hand when you are applying for student finance for your college expenses:

  •   Bank account details
  •   UK passport number
  •   National Insurance number
  •   University or college details
  •   Evidence of household income

You will also need your parent/guardian's National Insurance number if they are supporting your application.

Remember to send over any additional supporting evidence that you might be asked for to avoid delays in your application processing.

Question 4: What factors should I consider while choosing my accommodation?

Choosing the right accommodation is as important as choosing the right university. If your university is in London, you might want to stick to outlying areas where student accommodation is readily available and cheaper. Additionally, these areas have more green spaces and their own community vibes.

Here are some important factors you should consider while selecting a place to live.

  •   Cost of the accommodation
  •   Your safety around the building and area
  •   Availability of transport options for your travel to the college

Question 5: What kind of accommodation options can I find as a student?

Although several types of Clearing accommodation options are available to you as a student, you would primarily choose between a flat/house share and a student residence hall.

Flat/house shares are where you live together with a group of students as a single household and assume full responsibility for the property. Although flatshares are comparatively cheaper, you would be responsible for everything from cleaning the space to buying groceries.

If you are joining the London College of Creative Media (LCCM), you can access the LCCM Accommodation Facebook Group to find great houseshares and potential housemates.

Residence halls are private ‘all-inclusive’ style boarding houses with rooms and common areas for students to live and relax. Most residence halls offer many other facilities like Wi-Fi, cleaning and laundry services, or access to gyms or lounge areas, making them pricier.

Being at LCCM gives you access to several residence halls like Chapter House and Drapery Place within walking distance of the college. These halls provide attractive amenities, and their proximity to the college reduces your travel time.

It is natural to have many queries about your college application through Clearing/Adjustment. At LCCM, we are committed to helping you find the right music course for yourself.

You can contact us on our Clearing hotline at +44 (0)20 3535 1080, where you can discuss your options with one of our friendly advisers.

Clickhere to access a ready list of FAQs about Clearing/Adjustment at LCCM