What if you could go one step further with connecting to your fans and supporters as an artist? In this digital age, artists and content creators are finding it harder to stay connected with their supporters as well as concentrate on building their brands and audience.

But we’ve spoken to the guys who are changing all of that. Introducing: Superjoi.

Superjoi is a music and influencer creator platform bridging the gap between artists and their supporters by allowing superfans to fund creators. It’s like an upgraded Link-in-Bio where you can set up your profile and show off all your work. We were lucky enough to speak to the creator, Piotr Wolanski and his team (Digvijay Chauhan and Bartosz Paszkiewicz) at one of our Music Industry Mondays events and let them tell us about how Superjoi is fast becoming a music creator’s favourite platform.

So, if you’re getting bored of saying “Link in bio!” or don’t have the energy to create an entire website (understandable), take a look at some of the benefits of Superjoi listed below and how it’s revolutionising the way artists and content creators engage with their communities. You may just find your new favourite platform.


  1. Support and monetisation

If you’re an artist of any kind, getting paid for your creativity is struggle number one. But with Superjoi, you can monetise your content in multiple different ways. Just pop your Superjoi link in your Instagram/Twitter/TikTok bio and drive traffic to your creative portfolio. Fans can then explore all of your links and support you through tipping, campaigns and other reward-based activities.

You can even create challenges to encourage people to make content with a snippet of your music and be on your way to recreating the Drake effect. (You know, the I just flipped the switch thing that was everywhere for a minute, that could be you!)


  1. Make your superfans visible

Superjoi wants to give credit where credit is due. We probably know someone who is a die-hard fan of an artist or group and has been there since day one.

It wouldn’t be completely wrong to say that dedicating an entire Twitter profile to an artist or member of a group, constantly sharing hashtags about album releases, and begging their friends to listen to the latest bop on their Instagram stories, helped that artist gain more listeners, fans and success overall.

And maybe that certain someone should be rewarded or have the opportunity to be noticed for their hard work by their faves. Superjoi ensures these fans are not forgotten as the artist grows and becomes more popular.


  1. Discover new content

Everyone’s been disappointed with their YouTube recommended feed at one point, we’re sure. Finding new content can be a challenge, which is wild since YouTube alone has about 3.7 million new videos posted every day. Where are all these new creators?

Superjoi allows its users to search and discover new content across its vibrant community. The platform isn’t just for individual artists and content creators, it even has many restaurants and studios on there too. Superjoi fosters collaboration and cross-promotion and opens doors for exciting partnerships and opportunities.

  1. Endless customisation

One of the most attractive qualities of Superjoi is that the user can express themselves however they wish. Unlike Instagram and other social platforms where there is a set structure you can’t get away from (e.g. Instagram’s 3x3 block photo grid), Superjoi lets its users take the reins and design their profile however they see fit.

This includes placing a preview of their latest song at the top of their profile, or links to their blog or latest TikToks above a link to their Patreon or Ko-Fi account. The creative opportunities are endless which gives you more control to highlight key moments, connect various accounts and express yourself however you wish.

Superjoi is changing the way content creators express themselves and connect with their fanbase. It gives you the chance to step up your marketing range but in a fun way that’s unique to you. It’s like a digital business card that shows off your talents and captures the attention of not just your fans and supporters but potential collaborators and business opportunities.

If you want to find out more about Superjoi, pop over to their website and have a look around at all the potential. Or better yet, get a free ticket to one of our Music Industry Mondays events and see the latest and greatest of the music industry first-hand.