Have you ever wished there was just one place you could learn any musical instrument you wanted? Maybe even two at once? Three if you’re a show-off. Well, we have something for you.

Our Music Industry Mondays events are always packed with the latest and greatest advice and information about the music industry (you should really come down one of these days). This week, we invited Sarah Goodwin, Head of Content Marketing at MusicGurus, to speak about the new platform that’s about to change the game of music lessons.

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What is MusicGurus?

MusicGurus is an online music platform that is on its way to becoming the number one place to learn music online. It’s a hub of pre-recorded video courses with plenty of different styles of music ready for you to jump in, pick an instrument and be on your way to becoming an expert.

It’s essentially the Netflix of music lessons. Useful, right?

There are loads of sites where you can learn to play the guitar or the piano, or you could head to YouTube and find a couple of lessons there. 

But who wants to sift through millions of irrelevant videos (although who doesn’t love a good cat video) to maybe find what you’re actually looking for? Or switch between multiple different sites so you can learn more than one instrument at once. In this economy?

MusicGurus has it all in one place, including lessons on the business side of music, songwriting and more.

A quick look at the platform

Let’s say you play the guitar and you’re also a songwriter, you can get access to tons of videos from accomplished songwriters like Guy Chambers and KT Tunstall and learn directly from them.

Instead of eventually finding one teacher to help you learn one instrument and pay around £50 per lesson, MusicGurus offers a subscription of £15 a month which gives you complete access to their entire library of lessons. You can even reach out to specific teachers you like and get real-time lessons from them.

MusicGurus also has an interactive sheet music feature which allows you to play along with a backing track or performance and watch the sheet music move along to the song. You can slow down or speed up the sheet and loop certain bits so you can perfect those tricky parts.

They also have lessons on how to use programmes like Ableton and Logic Pro X, so there’s loads to explore for an affordable price.

Have we sold it to you yet? No? Okay, one more thing.

A platform where everyone benefits

As we mentioned previously, music lessons can get pretty pricey when you need to dish out £50 per lesson, and that’s just once a week. With MusicGurus, the subscription allows you to have as many lessons as you like from well-known names in the industry.

They have also been working to partner with big names like Universal and Sony as well as some independent labels too to ensure their catalogue of lessons is the best it can be.

Part of Sarah’s job is to approach celebrity artists and give them the opportunity to give back to their fans by teaching them how to play an instrument or dive into other elements of the music industry. Sarah will work with the artist to pick two or three songs to break down and then MusicGurus will do all the work to incorporate the sheet music, making it accessible to you.

The artist gets another stream of continuous revenue, and you get to learn to play the piano from someone cool like Joe Glossop who’s currently in Tom Jones’ touring band. Sounds like a win all around to us.


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