Top digital marketing strategies you should be aware of as a music producer

For a long time, marketing in the music industry was restricted to sending out mixtapes to club DJs and press channels. However, the world has moved online, and so has music marketing.

The music industry has evolved to be a billion-dollar industry, with its value in 2015  estimated at around $15 billion. Effective digital marketing strategies and resources have made it possible for artists and producers to promote their own music and not remain at the mercy of big music labels.

What are the latest music production trends in 2022?

Today’s global music industry is fast-paced. Each year brings along new platforms and technology that reshape popular music trends. 

The musical world is also a lot more inclusive today with members of the public now having access to music production tools and a plethora of tutorials and resources.

How important is music marketing in 2022?

With the sheer volume of new music launched every day, it is quite possible that your audience isn’t even aware of your work. The enormous number of listening options, such as streaming services can make it even harder to reach your target audience.

What kind of opportunities can I find with a music degree?

One common debate is what is the best way for aspiring artists to succeed in the music industry. Do you learn and experiment on your own or do you invest in a proper music degree?

There are takers for both sides of the argument but opting for a music degree can have distinctive advantages. This blog dives into the importance of a formal music degree and the kind of career advantages it can offer.

Top Business Ideas for musicians

The business side of the music industry is often overlooked but crucial to the success of the sector. Behind every successful artist or band, there is an army of talent agencies, music labels, studio owners and promoters who have important roles.

6 tips on how to present yourself better as a music production professional in the music industry

When you think of a musician, an image of a pop star holding a guitar on stage at a concert probably comes to your mind. In reality, the global music industry is enormous and employs millions of people working in different capacities.

If you are musically inclined, you can choose from a wide variety of roles, from songwriters to media producers. However, irrespective of your dream music career role, you need to be prepared for a lot of ups and downs throughout your career.


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