Vera Jonas

Vera Jonas


After graduating from LCCM in 2012, Vera flew straight to the US to start collaborating with musicians from around the world, an initiative sponsored by the US Department of State, to start her own musical journey. Returning to Hungary, she formed Vera Jonas Experiment and was honoured by the Hungarian music industry in March 2016, when she was selected from among the country’s best young talents to receive the 2016 Artisjus Junior Songwriters’ Award.

Her second album, Tiger, Now! was given the Alternative/Indie Album of the Year Award by the Hungarian Recording Industry (Hungarian Grammy). After playing at Eurosonic 2017, Zandari Festa 2017, closing the night after Santana at Tauron Life festival in Poland, and an extensive festival tour in Hungary, Vera and her band will tour in Asia in September and in Europe in November 2018, releasing new songs all throughout the year.


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