Our friends the FAC are always fighting for the rights of artists, and the next in their sights are those venues that charge a % commission on artist's merch sales.

In a press release, the FAC said: "The relationship between artists and venues is essential and inseparable, forming one of the most important partnerships in the music ecosystem. One of the key revenue sources for touring artists is the sale of merchandise at gigs. Often, that revenue represents the difference between a gig breaking even or losing money." They've now launched an online directory of venues that charge zero commission on the merch artists sell. 

They have some pretty major backing too, with Peter Hook of Joy Division and New Order commenting: “You’re treated like gods in the dressing room and then robbed blind on the merchandise stall. I fully support this campaign and have been very vocal about this injustice to artists and fans for years. I fail to understand why these charges are so high?” Via The FAC