Russia's outrageous invasion of Ukraine causes outcry amongst the global musical community – but Eurovision are still allowing Russia to compete this year. As news of the Russian state’s full-scale invasion into Ukraine spread on Thursday, music artists have been speaking out on social media about the attacks.

The move by Russia comes after months of military buildup along the Ukrainian border, despite repeated diplomatic efforts, warnings and sanctions against the country by world leaders. “My heart hurts for the people of (the) Ukraine. I just..can’t fathom where this will lead. Sending prayers and so much love which is not enough,” Fifth Harmony star Lauren Jauregui tweeted. British rocker Yungblud shared a similar sentiment, tweeting "im (sic) so devastated to see what’s happening in (the) Ukraine right now. my prayers are with you." Many artists including Miley Cyrus, Foals and Franz Ferdinand shared personal stories about the wonderful time they spent in Ukraine with fans.

However, in a tone-deaf contrast, Eurovision stated that they were "currently planning" to host entrants from both Russia and Ukraine at the event this May as it was a "non-political event." "We of course will continue to monitor the situation closely," they added. Ukraine's state broadcaster UA:PBC had called for Russia to be suspended. Read the room, Eurovision! LCCM and our musical community sends our best wishes to those who may have family or friends in the line of fire.

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