23rd Jan - 2021

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Study Mode

Full-time or Part-time

Full-time fees

Feb 2021 UK / EEA: £8,000
Oct 2021 UK / EEA: £10,400

Part-time fees

UK / EEA: year 1 - £4,000, year 2 - £3,640


Full Time: 1 year & Part Time: 2 years

University Validation

University for the Creative Arts


SFE funding available


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Term & Start Dates

February 2021*, October 2021

Minimum Age


*February 2021 - Accelerated Year 1 (February 2021 to September 2021).

Programme Specification

MMus degree

MMus Commercial Music Technology is a progressive course focused on the creation, development and delivery of commercial audio. As audio creators we are reliant on technologies which enable practitioners many creative careers. The course encourages research and exploration of these technologies and their contextual practice. Understanding their history and relevance to future associated industries. Areas of study include spatial audio, advanced recording, mixing and mastering techniques, Audio Synthesis, music and the moving image.  



What will you learn?

Students will gain an in-depth understanding of music and audio creation and its consumption by society. From audio conception, its manipulation and its delivery, to the consumer. The music industry is technologically-driven and understanding how and why current trends exist, to forecasting what comes next, is integral to your student experience and development. Learners will also explore audio synthesis, large format recording practices and advanced microphone and mixing techniques, ranging from historic mono applications to immersive ambisonic formats.

Who is this course for?

This is an advanced course for aspiring or established music producers and audio engineers who are looking to develop their commercial skills and conduct in-depth research of contemporary practices within the music and audio industry.

This will help you understand what’s needed to become an active professional within the industry and will enable you to harness and perfect content for commercial manipulation.




The personal statement is an important part of your application and is your chance to tell us what your background and career goals are, and why the course interests you. Your ability to communicate effectively is important, so the quality of your writing is a factor in how we make our decision. In particular, we will be looking for you to demonstrate one or more of the following:

  • A passion for audio creation, manipulation and capture
  • A creative and open mindset to an evolving industry
  • Competent knowledge of instrument recording, production and audio mixing
  • An entrepreneurial drive and career ambition
  • Proficient at navigating at least one digital audio workstation (DAW)
  • An eclectic appreciation of musical genres
Audition Information

All students will be interviewed by the programme leader, either in-person or online.


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