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1 year


Level 6:

Term 1: A&R Management - £995

Term 2: Artist Management - £995

Term 3: Basic Contract Analysis - £995


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The Open University

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Open University




Start Date

January, April & October 2020


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A Level 6 detailed study into the discipline of working with creative music talent as an A&R or Artist Manager

Aims of the module

  • To investigate, clarify and critically analyse the dynamic tensions, purposes and contradictions that surround the ‘representative’ roles of Artist Manager and A&R Manager.
  • The A&R job is to both protect the financial and business interests of the rights holding ‘company’ and to also defend the creative freedom and well-being of the Artist.
  • The Artist Manager relies upon the revenues generated by the Artist for their commission based income and yet the fiduciary duties of the Artist Manager mean that their business decisions must always be solely in the interest of their Client, the Artist, even when such a decision impacts negatively upon the Manager’s own business.
  • By looking at significant case-studies, this Module will consider how dichotomies such as these can be resolved in a way that is both business-like and supportive of the creative process.
  • Students will evaluate the different ways an Artist Manager may choose to structure their business relationship and how that structure can impact upon business decisions.
  • The Module will also look at case studies of some significant A&R Managers and analyse the questions raised by the professional conflicts they encounter concerning the requirement to produce commercial outcomes for their employers whilst supporting and developing their Artist’s creativity.
  • Both the A&R Manager and the Artist Manager must be familiar with the fundamentals of both Recording and Music Publishing contracts and so, this Module will engage the students in understanding and becoming confident in analysing key Music Industry contracts and Heads of Agreements.
  • We will evaluate the changing role of the Artist Manager and explore how the increasing corporatisation of the music industry has impacted upon their work.
  • Students will also be introduced to the concept of the A&R Manager as an ‘Acquisitions Manager’, tasked to find, secure and develop the Intellectual Property assets which form the economic bedrock of the Music Industry.

Who Is This Course For?

The course is aimed at people who want to develop a career in the music industry as a musician, songwriter, artist, band member, producer, arranger, manager, music business executive or music industry entrepreneur.

Our students also develop skills that can enable them to establish careers in a wide range of other related industries such as in the Arts, in the Media, in technology or Education.


Why Take This Course?

We specialise in providing a friendly, creative environment in which every student is supported to reach their artistic potential. This course will connect you to a network of industry professionals and help you find colleagues and collaborators for your own future musical projects.



Entry Requirements


Pre-requisites for taking the module:

Prospective students should have taken level 4 Music Industry Landscape; or

Other music business certificate or diploma; or

Member of a performing rights society, musicians union or the MMF; or

Have experience working with music recordings, song writing or live performance



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