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1 year


Full time (Level 4* & 5): £1,200

Full time (Level 6): £2,700


Academic partner

The Open University

Awarding Body

Open University


Level 4*: 15

Level 5: 20

Level 6: 40

Start Date

October 2020




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*Please note: level 4 won't be running in 2020

Offered at levels 4, 5 or 6 this inspiring pathway overs all sections of this market, from title sequences, songwriting to full films. Expert tuition in small groups from industry professionals will help students build their own identity in this ever growing sector.

Aims of the module

Level 4

This module will introduce students to the foundation skills and knowledge necessary to compose music to moving pictures. The aim is to provide students with a basic understanding of underlying principles, concepts and approaches through observation, investigation and actual practice.

Level 5

To produce scores that reflect the individual creative voice.

Level 6

  • To produce scores that reflect the individual creative voice.
  • To extend students’ knowledge and understanding to include orchestral arrangement, conducting and business processes.
  • To compile a portfolio of personal achievements


Who Is This Course For?

The course is aimed at people who want to develop a career in the music industry as a musician, songwriter, artist, band member, producer, arranger, manager, music business executive or music industry entrepreneur.

Our students also develop skills that can enable them to establish careers in a wide range of other related industries such as in the Arts, in the Media, in technology or Education.

Why Take This Course?

We specialise in providing a friendly, creative environment in which every student is supported to reach their artistic potential. This course will connect you to a network of industry professionals and help you find colleagues and collaborators for your own future musical projects.


Entry Requirements


Pre-requisites for taking the module

  • At level 4 some basic knowledge of Logic Music Production software (or similar) and rudimentary keyboard skills will be required.
  • Direct entry students wishing to take this module at level 5 and 6, will need to have had some previous experience in this field. Reasonable keyboard and logic skills are a must at these levels
  • At levels 5 and 6 some previous work must be shown at interview to be approved for the module.



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