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1 year



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The Open University

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Open University



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October 2020




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This is an advanced module offered at level 6 only, which takes students right to the edge of western harmony. Yet like all LCCM modules it is still practical and an arrangement has to be produced.

Who Is This Course For?

The course is aimed at people who want to develop a career in the music industry as a musician, songwriter, artist, band member, producer, arranger, manager, music business executive or music industry entrepreneur.

Our students also develop skills that can enable them to establish careers in a wide range of other related industries such as in the Arts, in the Media, in technology or Education.

Aims of the module

Building on the knowledge gained in Harmony and Rhythm 2, this module aims to extend students’ knowledge of advanced approaches to the reharmonisation of American Songbook repertoire through the analysis of extant works. This module will deepen students’ understanding of reharmonisation in contemporary Jazz and prepare them for relevant professional work or postgraduate study.

Why Take This Course?

We specialise in providing a friendly, creative environment in which every student is supported to reach their artistic potential. This course will connect you to a network of industry professionals and help you find colleagues and collaborators for your own future musical projects.



Entry Requirements


Pre-requisites for taking the module

  • A good knowledge of Major and minor harmony, along with the ability to voice extended chords in open and closed position.
  • Some standard re-harm techniques, such as tri-tone substitution and secondary dominants
  • A good working knowledge of chord scale options, for Major and Melodic minor scales.
  • A good understanding of the harmony for Major and minor 2-5-1’s and the variations
  • A Knowledge of Jazz turnarounds
  • Functional keyboard skills



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