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Full-time & Termly


1 year


Full time (Level 6): £2,700


Full time (Level 5):£1,200



Termly (Level 5)

Jazz Horn: £400

Film: £400

String: £400


Academic partner

The Open University

Awarding Body

Open University


Level 5: 20

Level 6: 40

Start Date

January, April & October 2020




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Offered at levels 5 and 6 in this pathway students gain the facility to write for all instrumental line ups. So whether arranging for horns, strings or bands students get to hear their arrangements played in real time by live musicians.

Aims of the module

Level 5

Building on the knowledge gained in Composition, Arranging and Analysis 1, this module aims to further develop students’ specialised skills and critical understanding of music’s language.

Level 6

This module aims to extend students’ arrangement skills and poses new challenges to demonstrate a highly developed command of the language of music.


Who Is This Course For?

The course is aimed at people who want to develop a career in the music industry as a musician, songwriter, artist, band member, producer, arranger, manager, music business executive or music industry entrepreneur.

Our students also develop skills that can enable them to establish careers in a wide range of other related industries such as in the Arts, in the Media, in technology or Education.

Why Take This Course?

We specialise in providing a friendly, creative environment in which every student is supported to reach their artistic potential. This course will connect you to a network of industry professionals and help you find colleagues and collaborators for your own future musical projects.


Entry Requirements


Pre-requisites for taking the module

At level 4:

While no previous arranging for different line instrumental line ups is required some essential harmony knowledge is needed such as:

  • Key Signatures
  • Major Scale Formula
  • Understanding the difference between 3/4, 4/4 and 6/8
  • To be able to clap simple 8th and 16th note rhythms in 4/4
  • Knowing the difference between Major, Minor, Augmented and Diminished Triads
  • Understanding intervals, for example the difference between and a Major and Minor 3rd, or a Perfect 5th and diminished 5th.
  • Knowing the difference between Major 7th, Minor 7th and dominant 7th chord types
  • Understanding how to harmonise a Major Scale with triads and 7th chords
  • Understanding relative Minors
  • Pentatonic Scales

At level 5

  • A solid understanding of the key composition and arranging principles in of Blues, and contemporary popular music.
  • A basic prior–knowledge of instrumental ranges and part writing, for horns and rhythm sections.
  • A good understanding of 7th and extended chords.

At Level 6

  • A good prior–knowledge of instrumental ranges, for example horns, strings.
  • The ability to write functional parts for rhythm sections.
  • The harmonic skills required to be able to write for a number of different line-ups, for example a good knowledge of Major and minor harmony is needed along with the ability to voice extended chords in open and closed position.
  • Functional keyboard skills



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